Welcome to Galactic Glitter! We’re here because girls love Star Wars too. We’ve been fans ever since the rainy day in 1977 when our dad took us to see Star Wars. Our first DIY Star Wars project was an awesome paper mache R2-D2 costume that he made that year. All of us were totally hooked.

Star Wars sisters
The first of many Star Wars Halloween costumes

Fast forward almost forty years. Now we’re moms and between us, we have a son and two young daughters. Over the years, we’ve sewn, baked, painted, framed, cut and glued Star Wars stuff for our little super fans.  Now, with The Force Awakens, the most incredible Jedi and (second-most) adorable droid have been introduced. Our girls want to be Rey. We want them to be Rey. BB-8 is too cute for words and his simple shape is so fun to reproduce.

We hope you will join us as we discuss, imagine and create. We’re here because Star Wars is for all of our kids!



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