Jawa Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

One of our Jedis drew a pattern for a Jawa bag (coming soon!) and it also happened to look like a cookie. Admittedly, most things look like cookies to us and we will take any excuse to make a batch.

We found this great (and super easy) recipe for chocolate thumbprint cookies at Pinch of Yum and followed it with just a couple of modifications. We recommend sifting the cocoa powder/powdered sugar and making double the amount of frosting recommended.

We used a small scoop (about 1 tablespoon) and pinched the tops of the cookies after pressing the thumbprint. This makes the pointy end of the Jawa hood. We also recommend using a spoon to re-press the indent right after baking (don’t try it with your thumb – trust us).

Finishing the cookies is super easy. Just pipe the icing with a zip-top bag and add wide-spaced mini M&M candies (with the ‘m’ facing down).

Enjoy and keep your droids safe!

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