The 5-minute boxy tee fix – Star Wars style

Have you ever fallen in love with the print on a tee and then discovered that the fit is wrong – no matter how many times you try it on? We have. So, we started making a few quick adjustments and suddenly have a new tee wardrobe.

Read below to see how we rescued this fantastic Uniqlo Ewok tee from the bottom of the tee pile. (You can still find this MASTER OF GRAPHICS FEATURING STAR WARS UT JUN TAKAHASHI tee here).

Start measuring and cutting with the neck – take your time and measure first.

1 – measure 2.5″ from collar towards shoulder on top seam.

2 – cut at an angle – go close towards bottom center of neck band, right below seam (not too low)

Next, measure and cut the arms and hem

Arms – cut straight up next to seam – about 3/4″ to 1″ from edge of sleeve

Bottom Hem – measure 2″ from bottom hem and cut straight across (cut more or less to your taste)

 That’s it! Try on your tee and adjust the cuts as needed. Enjoy your Ewoks!

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