Star Wars room for a teen Jedi

We can’t believe it, but the oldest of our Jedis will be a teenager next week. Luckily, she still loves Star Wars just as much as ever (maybe more!) and her room decor has grown up with her.

Take a look at our first kids Star Wars bedroom room from three years ago and see how much it’s changed.

Porgs and POPs with just enough desk space left for homework.

Our Jedi outgrew her desk and her Funko POP collection ballooned, so we added a very simple IKEA desk, chair and shelves to go with the existing antique bed and dresser.

We also found a great geometric patterned duvet set and coordinating curtains at IKEA. The paper lanterns from The Paper Store survived the room overhaul and are still a subtle ode to the Twin Suns of Tatoonine.

The Star Wars Cross Stitch book and lots of stitching hours provided the droid art. We kept the trading card collages from before (one from the original trilogy and one from the prequels). The Millennium Falcon rug was a great find online – you can still get one here.

For some extra seating and coziness, we added a giant ottoman (again, IKEA) and a small desk for homework and projects. It’s also a great home for her droid collection and lots of Star Wars pillows. The hanging art was created at a Star Wars camp many year ago. We added twinkle lights and it’s really cool in there at night.

Porgy (a giant Funko Porg that you can still find on Ebay) is everyone’s favorite friend/pillow.

Ewoks, Ewoks and more Ewoks!

We hope this helps with some ideas for your Jedi! Please let us know if you’d like to see tutorials on any of the different elements.

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