Yoda Fortune Cookies

Yoda’s words of wisdom make the best fortunes ever.* Forming these cookies is really easy once you get the hang of it and they are as delicious as they are fun.

To get started, print and cut these Yoda quotes and make the batter using this recipe from allrecipes. Be sure to add green food coloring and follow their great instructions to tilt your way to round cookies.

After you’ve baked the cookies, you need to work quickly to place the fortune and then fold and crimp before they harden. Placing the folded cookies in a muffin tin until they cool helps them hold their shape. We found that four or five cookies was the maximum we could fold/crimp in a batch before they got too cool to bend.

After they have cooled/hardened, share your cookies and Yoda’s wisdom with friends. For more Yoda yummies, check out our Yoda meringues.

*Groot might give Yoda a strong challenge for best fortune cookie inspiration. If you’d like to make those too, follow the instructions above, use these fortunes and skip the food color.