DIY Porg Valentines

Valentine’s Day is coming up quick and we have so much love for Porgs that we just had to share it with our friends. We set out to make quick cards with supplies from our local dollar store. Read on to find out how to make your own flock.


Porg Valentine card supplies


This is what you’ll need:

Blank cards with envelopes

Large glitter hearts 

Small glitter hearts

Black buttons (3/4 inch diameter)

Black yarn



We started by cutting out a Porg-shaped template out of plain white paper. We then traced it onto the cards and cut out around the edges, keeping the folded side mostly intact.


Next, we glued on the two hearts with the points touching in the top/center of the card.


Finally, we finished the card by gluing on two buttons and shaping a small piece of yarn into the distinctive Porg pout. Now you are ready to share the Porg love!


Porg Valentines Day finished card


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