Star Wars Porg pouch tutorial

The Last Jedi Porg pouch tutorial

We’ve been hiding out on Ahch-To and have fallen in love with the Porgs. Since we feel the need to carry them everywhere, we made cross-body pouches out of felt. Read on if you already need more Porgs in your life and can’t wait until December (or even Force Friday II for that matter).

We started by sketching Porgs and cutting out patterns. We’ll post the patterns here soon! Next, we cut out felt and some webbing for the straps.

Here’s what we used:

Grey felt – 2 wing pieces, one top of head piece and one back piece

Orange felt – 2 side head pieces, one back piece

Off-white felt – 2 body pieces, two eye highlight pieces

Black felt – two eye pieces, one mouth piece

Neutral webbing – 1 40 inch piece

After cutting and lining up the felt pieces (as above), we stitched together the two body pieces and webbing. We stitched the body first and left about two inches open at the top. Then we measured and stitched in the webbing.

Finally, we used a hot glue gun to attach all of the decorative felt pieces. (We were so excited that we forgot to photograph this step, but it was quick and easy).

Now Rey has a Ahch-To souvenir to take on her next adventures. To make this entire costume, check out our postĀ Easy 30 minute Rey costume tutorial. If you need more Porgs (and you know you do), you canĀ make Porg cookies using a Darth Vader cookie cutter.


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