How to make Star Wars X-Wing crayon party favors

One of our favorite little Jedis celebrated his fifth birthday recently and we wanted to make something fun for his goodie bags. We found this post about making recycled crayons into X-Wing shapes and decided to give it a go.

How to make Star Wars X-Wing crayonsFinished Star Wars crayons

Our crayons are made with solid primary colors for the preschool set, but you could do a mix or go with any of your favorite colors. We found both the X-Wing molds and boxes of jumbo single color Crayola crayons on Amazon in blue, yellow and red.

Once the supplies arrived, we simply broke up the crayons and melted them in the oven (set at 200 degrees Fahrenheit) for around 20 minutes (be sure to check every so often). Most of the wings from our first batch broke since we hadn’t used enough crayons. Be sure to fill the tray this full and place it on top of a baking sheet for stability:

Blue X-wing crayonsMelting Star Wars X-wing crayons

Once they are totally melted, take them out and let sit until completely cool. This should take about an hour. To release the crayons, push from the middle and try to avoid pushing the small wings. If you do lose any wings, simply add a bit more crayon and melt again. We cleaned the trays with paper towels between colors to keep the crayons clean.

For the favors, we made sets of three crayons and tied them in clear celophane bags. We hope your little Jedis love them as much as our did!

Materials list:


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