Yoda meringue cookies piped

Yummy Yoda meringue cookies

Write this post in Yoda-speak we will not. At least we’ll try. Oh wait, there is no try.

Whew, now that the Yoda jokes are out of the way, let’s talk about meringues. They are an incredibly simple and underrated cookie. We found a great recipe for double vanilla meringues here, but you can use your favorite recipe if you’d prefer.

In addition to the cookie sheets and parchment (or silicone liner), you will also need piping bags and a couple of cake decorating tips (see list below for details).

Supplies for Yoda cookies Tips for piping meringue into Yoda shape


Once you’ve made the meringue per the recipe, add a bit of green gel food color and mix well. We used two different bags and tips to pipe the Yodas. First, we used a star tip for the head, then we followed with a leaf tip for the ears. We tried a few different placements and found that we like the ears the best when they were lower (otherwise they look a bit like green bunnies). Be sure that you pipe with even pressure and that the ears are totally attached to the head.

Piping Yoda meringues


Once you’ve piped all of your Yoda shapes, bake as directed and be sure to let them cool in the oven until crisp. Store at room temperature – especially if you live in a climate as humid as Dagobah. Enjoy!

Yoda meringues


Materials list:


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