Princess Leia Buns for Beanie Boos

Everyone in our house is excited about tomorrow being May the fourth, even the Beanie Boos! This bunny wanted to try out Princess Leia buns and we couldn’t say no.

You will definitely need a glue gun for this one – the pipe cleaners won’t stay curled for long enough for regular glue to set. Once you get started this project will take about 15 minutes from start to finish!

All you need is some elastic (we used 1/4 inch), brown felt and brown pipe cleaners. We found all of our supplies at Jo-Ann fabrics, but you could also source from Amazon (links below).

Princess Leia Beanie Boo materials

To get started, cut out four felt circles just over an inch in diameter and one piece of elastic 11 inches long.

Next, tightly wind four pipe cleaners into spirals.

Set those aside and measure the elastic around your future Leia’s head. Then tack it by hand and remeasure to make sure it’s a snug fit. You will need to use a needle and thread as the glue might not hold enough to be stretched tight.

Now it’s time for the glue gun. Start by gluing one spiral to one of the felt circles. Then, carefully line up a second spiral and glue it on top of the first creating a stack. Repeat with the other two spirals and one felt circle.

Finally, take the elastic and glue one remaining felt piece under the seam. Top it with one of the stacks and glue together with the elastic sandwiched in the middle. Let the glue set and then try it on your Leia to measure for the other bun. Mark the spot and then repeat gluing the felt and spiral to the elastic.

Be sure to let the glue set before putting the buns on the Beanie Boo. All that’s left to do is hide the Death Star plans and then have fun!

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Materials list:

  • Equipment
    • Glue gun
    • Needle and thread

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  1. So cute! These posts (and Anette’s) make me wish I was a craft pinteresty person. Alas, not really, but I know I can come to your pages should I need inspiration on a rainy day with kids stuck in the house.

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