Matching Star Wars outfit for girls and American Girl dolls

This is definitely the droid fabric you’re looking for. We found it at our local Jo-Ann Fabrics and immediately had to jump in line to buy enough for our little Jedis and their American Girl dolls. We combined two of our favorite quick sewing projects to create these outfits.

Star Wars American Girl matching outfits


You will need about a yard and a half of fabric for each girl/doll halter set and a yard and a half for each set of skirts. The full list of supplies can be found at the end of this post.

Supplies Star Wars matching outfits girls and dolls

For the skirts, we simply followed our favorite girl’s skirt tutorial from Made Everyday. For the American Girl version, we cut a 20″ x 6″ piece of fabric and then followed the instructions for the larger girl’s version.

For the halter tops, we were inspired by the doll pj top from the book Doll Fashion Studio by Joan Hinds. We’re showing you how to make the doll version here, just size way up for the girl’s top.

First, you’ll need to cut two pieces of fabric for each top. If you are using either of these prints (especially C-3PO), be very mindful of lining up the patterns. For the doll version, we cut a pattern 6″ x 4.5″ with a small cut out for the arms (see photo below). For our Jedi girls (ages 7 and 9), we cut a pattern 18″ x 9.5″ with the same arm cut out. To cut the fabric, fold in half and pin your pattern with the arm cut out away from the fold.

Fold and iron about a 1/4 inch around the arm holes. For the girl’s version, we turned it under a second time for a neater seam. Top stitch around the armholes, being careful to catch the fold all the way around.


Next, fold and iron the top, being sure to allow enough room for the ribbon. Top stitch straight across, being sure to leave room for the ribbon to pass. After you’ve sewn the top flat, use a safety pin to pass the ribbon through.

Pin the two pieces together with right sides facing (be sure to align the pattern) and then stitch the sides together.

Fold and iron the hem all the way around and top stitch.

Finally, center and pin the ribbons (18″ each for dolls, approx 36″ each for girls). Pull the ends to gather into your desired shape and pin. Stitch the sides to hold the ribbons and then remove the pins. (Alternately, you could just tack the ribbon from the back).

We hope your little Jedis love these as much as ours do! Please be sure to let us know in the comments if you have any questions or feedback.

Materials list:

  • Fabric
    • Star Wars fabric
      • Doll skirt – 6″
      • Girl skirt – approx 24″
    • C-3PO fabric
      • Doll top – 6″
      • Girl top – approx 36″
    • Black grosgrain ribbon
      • Doll top – 3/8″ width, 36″ total
      • Girl top – 7/8″ width, approx 72″ total
    • Elastic
      • Doll skirt – 1/4″ width, 12″ length
      • Girl skirt – 1″ width, approx 22″ length
  • Equipment
    • Sewing machine
    • Iron and ironing board

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  1. I’m having a girl at end of May (my first!) and I can only pray/hope that she loves American Girl dolls (not Barbie) and wants matching Star Wars dresses! Not that I know how to sew…lol….but my mom does.

  2. Thank you for showing this to me I have to american girl dolls and they love star wars

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