Just Ewok It (or How to Make Anything Into an Ewok)

Last week Disney released the new Star Wars Tsum Tsums. They are predictably adorable and we immediately ran out to pick up a couple. When we hit our local store around mid-day, they still had tons of everything except Ewoks. We were lucky enough to grab two of the last four and then started thinking about how there are never enough Ewoks. Actually, we realized that we’ve been helping our kids make their other toys into Ewoks for some time now. Follow along for a quick tutorial so you too can ‘Just Ewok It’.

All you need is some brown felt (almost any shade will do) and brown embroidery floss (in a contrasting shade).

Materials for Ewok costume

You’ll want to cut out a simple rectangle with a sharp angle cut into one side. You can use our template download or just wing it. Be sure to measure both the paper template and then your fabric around your subject for sizing.

Next, snip the corners to make room for the ‘ears’ and then pin the fabric together. Sew the sides together either by machine or hand.

Once the sides are attached, measure and cut the face opening. Once it’s been cut out, flip the costume right sides out.

Now it’s time to add the decorative stitching. We usually go with two small ‘x’ shapes to the right and a long stitch to the left. Then we whip stitch the short side. You can do anything you like to customize your Ewok.

Now, put the costume on and decide what you’ll Ewok next. Have fun!

Star Wars Make everything Ewoks tutorial

Materials list:


  • Sewing machine or needle


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