BB-8 Star Wars Valentine Card Tutorial

BB-8 + Galactic Glitter = love 4 ever! It’s already mid-February and we’re finally busting out the scissors. With very few materials and a glue stick, you can have these cute valentines ready for your favorite Wookie.

To get started, we gathered some pre-made cards with envelopes, orange and grey paper, and black brads from Michaels.

BB-8 Valentine card materials.jpg

Using bowls (3.5″ diameter for body, 1.75″ diameter for head) as guides, we cut out the circles. For the body, be sure to leave about 2″ of the card hinge attached. Cut two circles for the head from the top of the card, not attached, then cut off the bottom third.

Next, use a pencil to mark placement of the ‘eyes’. If using brads, pierce one of the head pieces. If not using brads, either make the ‘eyes’ with black paper dots or use a marker to draw them.

Once you’ve placed the brads, attach the front of the head to the front of the body with the glue stick. Then flip over and attach the back of the head to cover the back of the brads (you can skip this if using paper or markers).

Now, it’s time to cut out the details and decorate the front of the card. You’ll need orange and grey strips for the head along with three orange and one (smaller) grey heart. We cut lots of strips using a cutting mat and X-acto knife, but you can also do it easily with scissors. Using the glue stick, apply the strips to the head. Leave a bit of overhang to trim evenly later.

For the hearts, we made a template and then used it to trace and cut the orange hearts. We then cut out the centers of the orange hearts, leaving about a 1/8″ border. Use one of the orange heart centers as a guide to cut out a grey heart and then cut its center to leave a similar border. This grey heart shell will then be cut into random pieces to layer inside the orange hearts.

Finally, glue the three orange hearts to the front of the card and add the grey pieces as accents. Trim the overhanging pieces and customize the inside and envelope with the leftover heart centers. We hope your Valentine’s day is BB-great!


Materials list:

  • Equipment
    • Scissors (plus an X-acto knife and cutting mat if you have them)
    • Pencil


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