A Girl’s Star Wars bedroom fit for a Jedi

Depending on how much you like to decorate, hearing that your kid wants a “fill-in-the-blank” bedroom can be either awesome or awful. As excited as we were that our little Jedi wanted a Star Wars room, it was a challenge to balance with her love of all things girly and a TON of American Girl doll gear. We found out quickly that the bedding options for a feminine Jedi are pretty limited and that we might have to improvise. We ended up finding a great geometric patterned duvet set at H&M and then we were off and running.

Star Wars bedroom for girl


We made a quick Chewbacca pillow out of faux fur and felt and added some navy blue accents (a pillow and throw). The awesome Episode IV scroll wall art was ordered from Etsy and while it was a bit of a challenge to install, with enough patience, it turned out great. For a hanging element over the bed, we decided to go with an ode to the two suns of Tatooine. These were ordered from The Paper Lantern Store.

For the long wall over the bed, we used empty frames, lots of old Star Wars cards and double sided tape to make card collages. If you didn’t hoard your childhood stash, don’t worry. There are tons of vintage Star Wars card collections to be had on ebay.

Vintage Star Wars Card Collage

Along with the vintage cards, our Jedi was gifted some amazing and well loved Star Wars toys from her uncle. These are on high shelves, but make it down for playtime often. Again, most of these vintage Star Wars toys can be found on ebay really reasonably.

We seem to have a lot of R2-D2s, and love the look of grouping toys of either one character or type. You can always source older toys from ebay and the new POP figures are on Amazon right now.

Last summer our Jedi was lucky enough to attend a Star Wars art camp. The ‘Plaster Yoda’, X-wing fighter, Death Star and R2-D2 trash can were all created there.

As we mentioned before, our Jedi’s favorite sidekick is her American Girl doll. We bought an extra duvet set from H&M to create matching bedding for her bunk bed. During a recent trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics, we noticed this BB8 sign falling off a fixture and they were happy to send it home with our little Jedi. She used double-stick tape to apply it to the wall. No word on how the wall is going to look when it comes down, so you might not want to try this at home.

American Girl Doll Star Wars bed


Finally, we had an empty wall to fill just inside the door, so we framed mini movie posters (the original trilogy, of course!) and added a ribbon to connect them.

Mini Star Wars posters


We hope this helps with some ideas for your Jedi! Please let us know if you’d like to see tutorials on any of the different elements.

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