American Girl Doll BB-8 costume tutorial

Guess what. Dolls love Star Wars too! At least that’s what we’ve been told. Of course they love wearing matching outfits, but they also like having complimentary costumes when it’s this obvious (here is our Easy 30-minute Rey costume tutorial). The only thing cuter than BB-8 is a doll or stuffed animal dressed as BB-8.

Making BB-8 is usually pretty easy, but this was a bit of a challenge to figure out. We ended up making two rounded felt pillows and gluing on felt and pompom details. All in all it’s pretty quick and simple to assemble and we’ve been told that the dolls think it’s comfortable and cuddly.

First, we cut out all of the felt and ribbon pieces (see below for quick links to buy materials). We used a combo of plates, cups and bowls to trace, with the dimensions below.

For the head and body, you’ll need four circles of white felt (1 4-inch diameter, 2 7-inch diameter and 1 10.5-inch diameter).

The head and body pieces are pinned and sewn to create puffy semi-circles that are almost like dumplings or jiffy-pop containers. To get started, center one of the 7-inch circles of white felt on top of the 10.5-inch circle. Then pull up and pin the larger piece to the smaller one starting by pinning from opposite sides of the circle. We stopped with 8 evenly placed pins (see below).

Once you are done pinning, flip the body over so the larger piece is on top and pull the excess fabric to the middle. Start sewing around the edge while puckering and pulling the excess fabric from the larger piece into pleats.

Leave about two inches open for stuffing and remove the pins. Working carefully, pull the body right side out and start stuffing. We used a chopstick to help get the stuffing evenly distributed. Once the body is stuffed, hand sew the opening. Follow the same process for the head using the 4-inch circle and the remaining 7-inch circle.

Once both are stuffed and stitched, it’s time to add the details. You’ll need three orange circles about 3.5-inches in diameter. We folded those in half and hollowed out the inside leaving rings about 1/4 inch thick. Use one of the orange circles as a template to trace and cut a grey circle that would fit just inside the orange circles. Then fold that one in half as you did with the orange rings and create a grey one 1/4 inch thick. Cut the grey ring into several pieces to fit into the orange rings for the body.

You’ll also need a very thin strip of orange felt about 10 inches long and a strip of grey felt 8 inches cut into about 9 pieces for the head. You can either use a pompoms or felt circles for BB-8’s sensors. We used a 1-inch black pompom and a small black felt dot. Place your details on the head and body and then glue on with either a hot glue gun or felt glue.

After the glue has dried/hardened, flip the pieces over and hand sew the ribbons (we used 1/4 inch white grosgrain). For the body, attach two 11-inch ribbons spaced about 3 inches apart to tie around the neck. Then add two 14-inch pieces centered below those to wrap around the body. For the head, center and attach two 12-inch pieces of ribbon.

Now, dress your doll in white or neutral clothes and tie on the head and body pieces. Have fun and watch out for Kylo Ren!


BB-8 Star Wars American Girl Costume

Materials list (all links to

  • Fabric and fasteners
    • White felt
      • 1 10.5-inch diameter circle
      • 2 7-inch diameter circles
      • 1 4-inch diameter circle
    • Orange felt
      • 3 3.5-inch diameter circles (hollowed to about 1/4″ thick)
      • 1 very thin strip about 10-inches long
    • Grey felt
      • 1 2.5-inch diameter circle (measured to fit inside orange felt rings as described above)
      • 1 8-inch strip about 1/4″inch wide (cut into 8 or 9 pieces for head)
    • Black felt
      • 1 small dot (and a larger one if you use in place of the pompom)
    • 1 1″ black pompom
    • 2.5 yards 1/4″ white grosgrain ribbon

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